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AVVO-Superb-Rich Rydstrom Attorney 10 of 10 rated
Attorney-Rich-Rydstrom-Business & Deal Structures, Buy Sell, Ventures, Licenses, Industry & New Industry
Rich Rydstrom Attorney AVVO 10of10, Business & Deal Structures, Buy Sell, Ventures, Licenses, Industry & New Industry
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Who were my mentors (by necessity) ?
Herald Price Fahringer
and Justice,
William B. Lawless

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Startup or Scale:


General Counsel and Markets Advisor




SmartDesign and Construction


California Law


Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Industry


Small Business Lawyer

Franchise Attorney

Wealth Protection Attorney

Rich Rydstrom Live NBI Broadcast from Newport Beach re the Business, Law and Ethics of Modification in the Great Recession

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Contracts, Disputes, Arbitration, Mediation, Zombie Debt Traps,
Business, Transactions,  Asset Protections, Confidential Strategies, Business Structures,
Conflicts & Solutions, Litigation, Consumer & Owner Protections, CPA Client Support,

Our Cases are Never to Chance, Herald Price Fahringer, Esq.

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Over 33 Years Experience, Attorney Rated 10 of 10, “Superb”

Richard, as Chairman of CMIS, published by the 110th Congress, led the national debate to achieve solutions
to the Great Recession & Zombie 2nd Mortgages, with Billionaire Wilbur Ross, AFN & the United States Treasury.



Legal Services Support

Serving CPAs & Their Clients

California Attorney Rich Rydstrom Short Bio:
* Over 33 Years Experience, Avvo Rated 10 of 10, “Superb”
* Fmr. Beverly Hills Celebrity Business and Tax Accounting Manager
* Fmr. Chairman of CMIS (Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions)
* Published by the United States Congress

Specialized Legal Services for Clients of CPAs:

*  Contracts and Deal Making

* Business & Contract Disputes, Litigation & Settlement

* Arbitration, Mediation, JAMS/AAA, Voluntary Resolutions

* Living Trusts, Asset Protections, Private Retirement Trusts

* New Zombie 2nd Mortgage Demands or Foreclosures (Defense and Plaintiff Solutions)

* Business, Growth, Scaling, Markets, Products and Marketing Advice and Deal Making

Direct: 949-678-2218 Rich Rydstrom, Esq.

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